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Earth & Sandal Facewash

Earth & Sandal Facewash

The Ultimate nourishment that also Detoxifies pores, Heals damages and Balances oil!

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INGREDIENTS OF Earth & Sandal Facewash

An effective combination of Calamine, Fuller Earth, Dead Sea Mud, Rose, Chocolate, Bentonite, Kaolin clays renew your skin.

Added to it are red sandalwood, Pure Cow Milk Ghee, Glycerine, Minerals, and Essential Oils.

  • Description

    Ayurveda mentions that Earth is one of Panchmahabhoot (basic elements of all the creation) and there for Earth, soil, mud or clay is the most foundational nurturing element for our skin and body.
    It has essential minerals which heal and repair damaged cells and nourish our skin like a mother does to her child. Aghanya’s Clay Cast is a natural hand-crafted Face Wash that absorbs impurities, treats acne, burns, tan, balances excess oil, and gives it a born-again feel with natural nutrients.

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